Future Husband Prayer Block + Bow Tie


Pray for the future husband God has in store for you, even if you don’t know who he is is yet!

This prayer block serves as a tangible daily reminder to pray for your future husband from head to toe, and to ask the Lord to form you into a virtuous wife that will sanctify your husband. This includes a removeable and useable bow tie that you can pray on as your daughter or granddaughter grows, and can make a powerfully meaningful gift to the groom (and his family) on their wedding day. If you are a single woman discerning the vocation of marriage, this is for you too!

Hang this prayer block on the wall above the crib, put it on her dresser or shelf, place it on your desk or a special prayer space in your home. Put it wherever you see it often and pray often, and pray BIG. Our world so desperately needs good and holy men leading their wives and families to restore order to this broken world. We ask for St. Joseph’s intercession to guide us in praying for husbands – God chose him to be the holy spouse of the Virgin Mary and the Guardian of the Redeemer. What better saint to ask for help than St. Joseph? He takes our prayers directly to the ears of God.

These are perfect as baby shower gifts, baptism gifts, confirmation gifts, birthday and Christmas gifts, and gifts for newly engaged women! It’s never too early to start asking our God to form future heads of households and domestic churches. Teach your little ones to pray and pray often – you can even use this for scripture memorization.

10 reversible inserts to prompt you in prayer from head-to-toe:

  • Mind
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth
  • Heart
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Ring Finger

8 reversible inserts for general petitions:

  • Purity
  • Healing
  • Mercy
  • Protection
  • Thanksgiving
  • Trust
  • Holy Marriage
  • Wisdom

Each insert has a corresponding bible verse on one side.  You also receive a prayer guide with each prayer block.

These are inspired by my Sister-in-Law, Katie Hartfiel, of Woman in Love. Thank you for being a witness and guiding light to me and women across the world in marriage and motherhood, to Jesus through Mary.


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